Dear Stakeholders, Distinguished Participants,

The developments and changes in our world bring along many problems as well as new opportunities and necessitate new approaches. In recent years, there has been an increase in the world population with the developments in many areas, especially in health, and this has brought some problems that need solutions to the agenda. Many new demands, such as the increase in demand for energy, food and clean water, and the desire to access quality health care services are starting to become clearer. Low-cost and high-efficiency solutions are needed for the preservation of all this demand and supply balance and for the sustainability of life. These needs can only be answered at the most reasonable level with successful functioning biotechnology ecosystems.

Biotechnology contributes to the development of breakthrough products and technologies in the fight against diseases, food technology and many other fields. Innovative drugs and treatments, enzymes, proteins help people live longer, healthier lives and provide economic value far beyond their cost. BIOSphere 2023 is planned within the BIO Türkiye Organization (2023) in order to contribute to the acceleration of the information and infrastructure studies necessary for the creation and prevalence of the biotechnology ecosystem for a sustainable life. BIOSphere 2023 aims to develop policies that encourage innovation, encourage investment and bring out the entrepreneurial spirit that can make Türkiye a global actor in this field, with the ecosystem it will create for the development of drugs and products that contribute to the developments in the field of biotechnology and the benefit of society. Under the umbrella of BIOSphere 2023, workshops, panels, symposiums, public-industry meetings will be organized with the participation of the stakeholders of the biotechnology ecosystem. With the contributions of our national and international participants, solutions to current problems will be sought, needs will be determined, public-industry communication will be mediated, and successful biotechnology ecosystems will be examined and preparations will be made to adapt them to the Turkish environment with BIOSphere 2023. Also, cooperation among the important representatives of the sector will be mediated within the scope of this program, and an environment for institutions and organizations to meet with their target audience will be created.

We want to reconstruct the future by joining forces with you on this path we set out to create a biotechnology ecosystem for a sustainable life by bringing together all stakeholders and interested parties in the field of biotechnology.

We are pleased to invite you to BIOSpere 2023, which will be organized within the scope of BIO Türkiye Organization Istanbul on 28 – 30 September 2023.

Best regards,  

Dr. Muhammed ATAK

Head of BIOSphere