Dear Academics, Distinguished Colleagues, Bureaucrats, Dear Representatives of Pharmaceutical Industry and Dear Students,

BIO Turkey(2021) will be held on an international scale in order to develop pharmaceutical biotechnology, cellular therapies and gene therapies, biomedical and bioengineering and food biotechnological ecosystems in Turkey and to ensure the contributions of all partners. BIO Turkey(2021) will convene all direct and indirect partners in the field of medical, pharmaceutics, food biotechnology with sustainable development goals. It is aimed that the biotechnology ecosystem in Turkey functions as an efficient platform where the problems and solution offers of the field, including the public, non-governmental organizations, universities and industry, are discussed. There will be three main events in this organization.

BIO Turkey – International Biotechnology Congress
BIO Turkey – StartHUB
BIO Turkey - BIOSphere

BIO Turkey – International Biotechnology Congress

With the BIO Turkey(2021) International Biotechnology Congress under BIO Turkey(2021) Event, it is aimed at transferring and exchanging current information by convening various biological drug and vaccine production platforms, making scientific contributions in bioengineering, pharmaceutics, biotechnology, cellular-gene therapies, food biotechnology. The Congress is organized with a content and scope which will receive contribution from all relevant scientific disciplines due to the multidisciplinary nature of the Biotechnology field. The Congress, which will be held virtually, is planned to be held on an international scale with the participation of foreign experts of the field.


The StartHUB event, which will be held ONLINE within BIO Turkey on 9-11 September 2021, aims at creating a productive network for the entrepreneurs in the field in a robust ecosystem in biotechnology field. The StartHUB event firstly identifies basic needs of biotechnology entrepreneurs (bioentrepreneurs) and plans to conduct activities special for “start-up” for these needs. These activities will be diversified as “series of matching meetings”, “education programs”, “round table meetings” and “ask to expert” in line with the start-up needs. We hope to see you online at BIO Turkey(2021) Event.


Presentations, papers, recommendations, workshops, panels, symposiums, public-industry meetings and all other activities, which are apart from scientific (academic) papers and presentations within BIO Turkey(2021) planned to be one of the most extensive events carried out in our Country in the field of biotechnology having a strategic importance, will be included in BIOSphere event. Both partnering and networking activities will be carried out among all partners within BIO Turkey Event to improve the ecosystem and all support institutions and organizations such as public incentives and organisations will be promoted and thus meet their target groups.

Public-industry meetings to be held as part of BIOSphere will be held physically.

Dr. Mahmut TOKAÇ
President of the BIO Türkiye Organization

Tayfun GÜMÜŞ
BIO Türkiye Organization Secretary General