Distinguished Academics, Esteemed Colleagues, Bureaucrats, Distinguished Representatives of Our Pharmaceutical Industry and Dear Students,

This year's theme of our International BIO Türkiye organization, which we organize to contribute to the biotechnology ecosystem, will be 'Biotechnology Ecosystem for a Sustainable Life'. Considering the increasing importance of biotechnology in different application areas, our organization will also include Agriculture and Food Biotechnology as well as Health Biotechnology. The most recent developments in Food Biotechnology and Agricultural Biotechnology will be evaluated while also discussing about the basic fields of Health Biotechnology, such as Pharmaceutical Biotechnology, Cellular Therapies and Gene Therapies, Biomedical and Bioengineering Applications. The International BIO Türkiye Organization (2023) will bring together stakeholders in our country and other countries, contributing to the strengthening of the biotechnology ecosystem and the development of innovations for a sustainable life. BIO Türkiye Organization aims to be an efficient platform where information that will support productivity in the field of biotechnology is shared, difficulties and problems will be discussed, solutions will be created, and public, non-governmental organizations, university and industry stakeholders will contribute to the process together. International BIO Türkiye Organization (2023) will be held on 28 – 30 September 2023 at Ottoman Archive Complex,Istanbul. The main event will be held within the scope of our organization.

BIO Türkiye - International Biotechnology Congress
BIO Türkiye - StartHUB
BIO Türkiye - BIOSphere

BIO Türkiye-International Biotechnology Congress

The BIO Türkiye-International Biotechnology Congress, which is part of the BIO Türkiye Organization (2023), will be the most comprehensive congress in this field, where the most up-to-date scientific research and scientific information in the most important areas of biotechnology such as Health, Agriculture and Food Biotechnology will be shared. It is aimed to transfer and share up-to-date information by bringing together all stakeholders who contribute scientifically in the fields of Pharmaceutical Biotechnology, Biotechnological Medicine and Vaccine, Cellular Therapies and Gene Therapies, Biomedical and Bioengineering Applications, as well as Food and Agriculture Biotechnology, which is the most basic element of a sustainable life. Due to the multidisciplinary nature of the biotechnology field, the congress is organized with a content and scope that will contribute from all relevant scientific disciplines. The international BIO Türkiye - International Biotechnology Congress will be strengthened with the participation of speakers from abroad and participants who are experts in their fields. Posters, oral presentations and other scientific sharing platforms that will allow sharing the latest scientific developments are prepared according to high scientific standards.

BIO Türkiye-StartHUB

'Biostartups', the engine of innovation in the field of biotechnology - StartHUB events, where start-up companies, academics, universities, public institutions, industrialists and investors will come together, aim to contribute to innovation in the ecosystem. The StartHUB organization will create an efficient cooperation network and create an interaction platform for all stakeholders involved in the transformation of academic knowledge into products and services. The StartHUB organization first determines the basic needs of biotechnology entrepreneurs and plans to carry out 'startup-specific activities for these needs. These activities will be diversified as a 'Matching Meetings Series', 'Training Programs', and 'Consult the Expert' meetings, depending on the needs of startups. We hope that StartHUB (2023) will create a wide area of effect with activities for university undergraduate and graduate students that will support the innovation effort of young people.

BIO Türkiye - BIOSphere

In line with the increasing importance of biotechnology for our country, all of the presentations, papers, proposals, workshops, panels, symposia, workshops, public-industry meetings and other activities in the fields other than scientific (academic) papers and presentations in the BIO Türkiye Organization (2023), which is planned as one of the most comprehensive organizations in this field, will be evaluated within the BIOSphere event. The BIO Türkiye Organization (2023) will allow both a cooperation network and strong stakeholder relations to be developed among all stakeholders, and in this respect, all support institutions and organizations such as public supports and organizations will be promoted and brought together with the target audience. It is aimed for BIOSphere to reach new height and efficiency levels this year with its increasing stakeholder participation and contributions. By strengthening national and international cooperation and interaction networks, BIOSphere (2023) will contribute to the strengthening of the biotechnology ecosystem.

Best Regards,

BIO Türkiye Organization (2023) President


Tayfun GÜMÜŞ
BIO Türkiye Organization (2023) Secretary General