Distinguished participants,

Sustainability reveals the role of biological sciences and all related disciplines in the product cycle today, and has the potential to provide a solution for many sectors with the multidisciplinary perspective of biological sciences, especially with the strengthening of the fast and active startup ecosystem. Especially in the face of important issues such as the climate crisis, topics such as zero waste, cyclic biological models and the acquisition of valuable molecules, and recycling reveal the importance of bioinitiatives in 17 different items defined in the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

With “a sustainable life” as our goal, we are proud of the existence of product-oriented startups that can actively respond to problems in the axes of agriculture, health, food and environment in our country as StartHUB 2023. In order to support a strong ecosystem to create a global value, we will host many panels where we will discuss the main goal of StartHUB 2023, the roles of local manufacturers in a circular supply chain, and how we can establish facilitating mechanisms.

In line with these goals, StartHUB 2023 will also host an entrepreneurship competition in which undergraduate and graduate students will participate, believing in the importance of manpower resource with high R&D equipment in the bioentrepreneurship ecosystem on a large scale. We believe that the competition will be beneficial for undergraduate and graduate students to define bioentrepreneurship as a model in their careers.

This year, we will additionally present the Needs Analysis Report to all our stakeholders, which was carried out in previous years and helps the construction of a strong ecosystem, keeping the pulse of the industry. Within the scope of this report, we will provide feedback from our stakeholders, technology transfer offices, startups, investors and other relevant stakeholders who played an active role in the StartHUB 2021 event last year. In order to carry out a healthy situation analysis of the ecosystem, we will repeat our survey this year and try to reflect the process with a new survey that allows us to monitor how the ecosystem is changing.

This year, we will also include cyclical models operating within the scope of social entrepreneurship, with the goal of a strong ecosystem to move entrepreneurship from problems on the scale of impact and benefit to sustainable business solutions. In this context, within the scope of StartHUB 2023, we invite ecosystem stakeholders to İstanbul on 28 – 30 September 2023. As in previous years, what we will learn from all the experiences we will discuss with each other at StartHUB 2023 will guide the bioinitiatives with a global impact level in our country and motivate the young people who will realize their careers in this field.

We would like to thank you in advance for all the positive impact that will be brought to the innovative and product-oriented solution processes with your cooperation within the scope of StartHUB 2023, and we would like to express that your support will be a source of motivation for many success stories. Thank you in advance to all supporters.
Best Regards,

Prof. Elif Damla ARISAN
Head of StartHUB’23