Dear participants,

Biotechnology is increasing its importance day by day as the locomotive of transformation in agriculture, food, environment, and industrial applications, especially in health. The development, productization, and commercialization of high value-added products such as biotechnology are one of the priority areas for many countries. The pandemic process we are experiencing has once again demonstrated the importance of being strong in fields such as biotechnology. Health initiatives and investments are handled with much greater importance. It is extremely critical to produce medicines, vaccines, diagnostic kits, and other innovative products that our country needs and that we can offer to the whole world.

The StartHUB organization, which will be held Hybrid model in BIO Türkiye on September 9-11, 2021, aims to create an efficient cooperation network for entrepreneurs in this field within a strong ecosystem in the field of biotechnology. The StartHUB organization first determines the basic needs of biotechnology entrepreneurs (bio entrepreneurs) and plans to carry out 'startup' specific activities for these needs. These activities can be diversified as a 'matching meeting series', 'educational programs', 'round table meetings' and 'consult an expert' meetings, depending on the needs of startups.

Biotechnology, like all other science-based fields, takes its source from universities, research laboratories, and academicians. We would like to invite all entrepreneurs or entrepreneur candidates to our organization, which will be content that will be used by 'entrepreneurs' at all levels, from startups that are thought to be a solution to a need, to those that are in the last stage of commercialization, and will have access to the information and communication network that suits their needs.

Productivity in biotechnology is only possible with a robust ecosystem. We can list the main stakeholders of this ecosystem as follows; bio-entrepreneurs, universities, and technology transfer mechanisms, public support institutions, investors, industrialists.

The StartHUB organization aims to bring entrepreneurs and investors together and create a platform to access the most needed investment resource of bio startups. At the same time, investment-worthy project diversity will be provided by contacting investors with initiatives at every stage. In the commercialization process, the progress of industry and entrepreneurs hand in hand is much faster and more efficient. The industry needs to come together with initiatives that develop the innovation it needs and to feed on innovations. For this purpose, the StartHUB organization aims to create a meeting network that will bring together entrepreneurs and industrialists according to their needs. We would like to invite all investors and industrialists.

A productive biotechnology ecosystem can only be possible if the government supervises and coordinates the whole process from beginning to end with a helicopter view, and supports it with incentives and facilitators at necessary stages. For this purpose, efforts are made to involve the government with all relevant institutions in the StartHUB organization.

In summary, the StartHUB organization, which will support productivity, innovation, and cooperation in biotechnology, will be realized with the contributions of you, our valuable stakeholders, from the preparation process to its realization and follow-up. Thank you in advance to all supporters.

Best regards,
Head of StartHUB Organisation Committee